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Keep Your Teen Drivers Safe This Summer

If you have a son or daughter between the ages of 15 and 18, you may already be worrying about your teen this summer. Your teen may work a summer job or spend time with their friends, spending a lot more time in a vehicle including driving at night.

Tell your teen that you have reason to worry. There are factual reasons that Texas State Law has restrictions on teenager drivers until they are 18. Crash risk is highest in the first year a teen has their license. Crash risk also goes up when teens drive at night and/or with other teens in the car.

Distractions increase your teen’s risk of being in a crash. Reckless driving or impaired driving also increase your teen’s risk of being in a crash. Research shows that teens lack the experience, judgment, and maturity to assess risky situations. It is imperative that parents help their teen practice safe driving. Here are the conversations and actions you two can take together:

Follow the Law

Unsupervised driving is prohibited for teens in Texas during the hours of midnight to 5AM and teen drivers may not have more than one passenger younger than the age 21 in the vehicle. Be sure that you limit the number of teen passengers your teen can have to zero or one.

Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends having regular conversations about safety, practicing driving together and creating a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement that clearly states your expectations and limits as well as the consequences for breaking them.

You will not be the only parent doing so. 80% of parents have reported giving their teen driver rules regarding use of safety belts, drinking and driving, cell phones, and text messaging while driving and 9% have a written agreement.

Track Your Teens’ Driving Habits

Many parents are now using mobile apps to track their teens driving habits and prevent distracted driving. Use the mobile app Drivewise to track your teens’ driving habits. The app tracks trips, trip start times and end times, parking locations, hard braking, average speed, maximum speed, high-speed driving and more!

You and your teen are also rewarded by using Drivewise. Anyone can use Drivewise but Allstate customers will see the most reward. Each safe driving trip racks up point rewards. Use the rewards to save on top brand retailers and earn cash back from Allstate. Allstate offers a 3 percent cash back for signing up and up to 15 percent cash back every six months for everyday safe driving.

Learn more about Drivewise and let our agency know if you have any questions regarding the app or your automobile insurance policy. To ensure you are protected, we will be happy to perform a full insurance review with no obligation for you. Call us today at (512) 710-2185 or let us know a good time to reach out to you!

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