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Why You Should Get a Free Insurance Review

When was the last time you reviewed or updated your homeowners or auto insurance policy? A free insurance policy review is just that – no cost to you and a chance to address any gaps in your coverage as well as potential cost savings. Here’s what to know before you begin your insurance review:

Discounts offered by insurance company

Be sure to start the conversation with your insurance agent by asking, “do I qualify for any additional discounts or reductions?” Allstate offers many discounts that you may not find with other insurers.

Safe driver discount

Good student discount

Resident student discount

Passive restraint discount

Anti-lock brake discount

Anti-theft device discount

New Car discount

Multiple policy discount

Early signing discount

Deductible rewards

55 and retired discount

EZ pay plan discount

Allstate eSmart discount

FullPay® discount

Responsible payer discount

Savings programs offered by insurance company

Allstate also offers savings programs such as the Safe Driving Bonus and the Deductible Rewards. The Safe Diving Bonus offers %5 cash back off of your total premium if you are accident-free during that time. Deductible Rewards give you $100 off of your deductible when you sign up for a new policy. Each year you don’t have an accident another $100 is deducted until $500 has been reached.

Take advantage of new services

 Did you know that Allstate offers Accident Forgiveness? This service keeps your rates from increasing if you have an accident. One accident is allowed every three years. Also, if your new vehicle is totaled in an accident, you will receive enough money to replace that car with another new car with the New Car Replacement Insurance.

Home or life changes requiring adjustments

Additional purchases or a gain in your home appraisal value may require adding extended coverages or adjusting your current insurance policy. Insurance policies can provide important financial protection and peace of mind for you and your family. If you’ve recently added onto your family and want to protect your assets, you may be thinking of adding life insurance.

A dedicated life insurance agent will proactively reach out to you to help you stay on top of your insurance review. A dedicated life insurance agent will understand where you can find savings, where you need more coverage and will proactively ensure that your policies are reviewed on a habitual basis. If you want someone who will sit down with you, and explain the details you need to know, call us today at (512) 710-2185 or schedule an insurance review.

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